screens, screening, screened
1) N-COUNT A screen is a flat vertical surface on which pictures or words are shown. Television sets and computers have screens, and films are shown on a screen in cinemas.
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2) N-SING: the N, also on/off N You can refer to film or television as the screen.

Many viewers have strong opinions about violence on the screen...

She was the ideal American teenager, both on and off screen.

3) VERB When a film or a television programme is screened, it is shown in the cinema or broadcast on television.

[be V-ed] The series is likely to be screened in January...

[V n] TV firms were later banned from screening any pictures of the demo.

Derived words:
screening plural N-COUNT

The film-makers will be present at the screenings to introduce their works.

4) N-COUNT A screen is a vertical panel which can be moved around. It is used to keep cold air away from part of a room, or to create a smaller area within a room.

They put a screen in front of me so I couldn't see what was going on.

5) VERB: usu passive If something is screened by another thing, it is behind it and hidden by it.

[be V-ed by n] Most of the road behind the hotel was screened by a block of flats.

6) VERB To screen for a disease means to examine people to make sure that they do not have it.

[V for n] ...a quick saliva test that would screen for people at risk of tooth decay. [Also V n]

Derived words:
screening N-VAR usu N for n

Britain has an enviable record on breast screening for cancer.

7) VERB When an organization screens people who apply to join it, it investigates them to make sure that they are not likely to cause problems.

[V n] They will screen all their candidates.

[V-ing] ...screening procedures for the regiment.

8) VERB To screen people or luggage means to check them using special equipment to make sure they are not carrying a weapon or a bomb.

[V n] The airline had not been searching unaccompanied baggage by hand, but only screening it on X-ray machines.

9) VERB If you screen your telephone calls, calls made to you are connected to an answering machine or are answered by someone else, so that you can choose whether or not to speak to the people phoning you.

[V n] I employ a secretary to screen my calls.

Phrasal Verbs:

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